img_4810_5937016340_oWe grow a huge variety of produce at Brook End. We mostly use our produce for the events we host and feeding the family.

However we also grow produce to sell via Feed Avalon. This includes a wide diversity of salads & greens, vegetables, herbal products and apple juice. We also grow cut flowers.

If you are interested in purchasing produce from us please email

We are happy to sell regularly to local outlets in Street, Glastonbury and Somerton. With enough notice for our crop planning, we go can grow for larger bespoke events, such as gatherings and festivals.

We do not have organic certification because of the prohibitive cost, however, we grow without toxic chemicals and use no-dig, organic principles. You are welcome to visit our site and see for yourself the thriving plants, soil health and biodiversity. Learn about our growing systems here.

Images of our produce