Sacred Ecology: A Rewilding Apprenticeship

Echinacea & Bee

This rewilding apprenticeship is to be a 5 month unlearning process, running from May through September 2016.

It will be an exquisite journey of co-creation, an opportunity to reconnect with your wild self; with the wildness of the world. You will discover bliss through biognosis as you travel deeply into the ecology of your soul, into the wild lands of Gaia.

Areas we will explore to find and inhabit those wild lands include:

shapeshifting ~ plant consciousness ~ sensory acuity ~ deep ecology ~ wild food & medicine foraging ~ shamanic journey ~ self-massage ~ deep nature immersion ~ sacred plant medicine ~ viscereal wakefulness ~ vision quest ~ conscious movement ~ ferments ~ cleansing ~ body wisdom ~ plant spirit communication ~ intuitive awareness ~ Gaian connectivity

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Dates & Essential Details

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This is the ecstatic path. Experience a personal evolution as you align with the wild parts inside, the wildness that runs through and connects all life. Reinhabit your wildness as you reconnect with human instinct through using your senses, through direct perception, through feeling your way into the wild of the world. Empower yourself and become more resilient in these uncertain times. Reclaim Earth wisdom as you enter into sacred relations with Gaia as mentor, medicine, lover, self.

This apprenticeship will set you on a path of sacred relationship with the food you eat, with plant medicines, with your own sweet piece of nature; your body. Learn of wild nutrition, make medicinal elixirs and ferments, find and build relations with your plant ally. Work with the dark edges and strengthen your capacity to trust in yourself; develop and explore your intuitive wisdom. Through nurturing the wild and sacred, through engaging consciously with the natural world, you will find your home within the wild lands of Gaia.

This is a healing journey for self and Gaia; there is no separation. As you heal your own personal ecology experience the healing trickle out and touch all that comes into your life: friends, family, local environment, landscape.

Explore and let go of old patterns that may hinder the fulfilment of your potential. let the wild lead you to your destiny. The whole apprenticeship is a journey which together we will co-create. A journey that inevitably will lead each of us to our core truth, the truth we were each born with and as you acknowledge and integrate that truth more of your path will be revealed.

You will not learn wilderness survival. I am not Ray Mears or Bear Grylls! This is wilderness revival and integration. Finding it everyday, everywhere, no matter who you are or where you are. Let’s witness each other shapeshift through this process. Let’s do this thing, let’s co-create a better, wilder, rawer world.

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Dates & Essential Details